Contact List

DLC Communicator Title Phone
Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Leadership Program Eileen Milligan Communications and Outreach Coordinator (617) 253-4887
Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems Peter Brenton Administrative Officer (617) 253-3185
Center for Transportation and Logistics Arthur Grau Communications Officer (617) 253-4592
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Bill Litant SRS Communications (617) 253-1564
Department of Biological Engineering Dan Darling Internship Coordinator (617) 452-2464
Department of Chemical Engineering Melanie M. Kaufman Communications Officer (617) 253-6500
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Allison Dougherty Communications Coordinator (617) 253-7127
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Taylor Deleon Communications Assistant (203) 207-1311
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Anne Stuart Communications Officer (617) 253-4624
Department of Materials Science and Engineering Rachel Kemper Communications Officer (617) 253-6936
Department of Mechanical Engineering Mary Beth O’Leary Communications Officer (617) 324-4224
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering Ilavenil Subbiah
D-Lab Nancy B. Adams Communications Administrator (617) 324-6197
Computational and Systems Biology Nire Manokharan Administrative Assistant (617) 253-5977
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Adam Conner-Simons Communications and Media Relations Officer (617) 324-9135
Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation Amy Davis Communications and Event Coordinator (617) 253-8987
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society Scott R. Murray Communications Officer (617) 324-4563
Institute for Medical Engineering and Science TBD
Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies Marlisha McDaniels Administrative Assistant (617) 253-5637
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research Bendta Schroeder Communications Coordinator (617) 324-7795
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems Jennifer Donovan Communications Officer (617) 253-2142
Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity Samantha Young Administrative Assistant II (617) 715-2158
Leaders for Global Operations Program Josh Jacobs Director of Operations and Partnership Integration (617) 253-2959
Lemelson-MIT Program Stephanie Martinovich External Relations Officer (617) 258-0632
Materials Research Laboratory Maria Aglietti Senior Communications Officer (617) 253-6472
Microsystems Technology Laboratories Mara Karapetian Communications Administrator (617) 452-2545
MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub Andrew Dana Logan Communications Assistant (617) 715-5104
MIT Energy Initiative Emily Dahl Communications Director (617) 253-3411
MIT.nano Tom Gearty Communications Director (617) 253-3951
MIT Portugal Program Silvia Castro Executive Director +351-210-407-036
MIT Professional Education Jill Buchanan Director of Marketing and Communications (617) 324-6878
MIT Sea Grant Lily Keyes Communications (617) 252-1741
Office of Digital Learning/MITx Maria Cruz Lopez Marketing and Communications Manager (617) 324-8292
Office of Engineering Outreach Programs TBD (617) 252-1741
Plasma Science and Fusion Center Paul Rivenberg Communications and Outreach Coordinator (617) 253-8101
Program in Polymers and Soft Matter Gregory Sands Administrative Assistant (617) 253-0949
MIT Quest for Intelligence Kimberly Martineau Communications Officer TBD
Research Laboratory of Electronics Sampson Wilcox Web and Media Designer (617) 452-4650
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology Linda Zahka-Stockdale Financial Assistant (617) 253-0522
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Jennifer Formichelli Communications Assistant (617) 324-2489
Supply Chain Management Program Bonnie Borthwick SCM/SCALE Communications and Marketing Officer (617) 252-6967
Systems Design and Management TBD
Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program Jessica Jones Senior Administrative Assistant (617) 253-0077
Women’s Technology Program Cynthia Skier Coordinator of Industrial & Alumni Relations (617) 253-5580
School of Engineering, Dean’s Office Karl Stuebe Administrative Assistant (617) 253-3366
School of Engineering, Dean’s Office Lillie Paquette Multimedia Producer (617) 253-3461
School of Engineering, Dean’s Office Lesley Rock Senior Development Communications Officer (617) 253-6429