Contact List

Below is a list of all key communications contact across SoE and its affiliated programs. Please contact Karl Stuebe with any updates to the contact/s in your area.

DLC Communicator/Email Title
Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Leadership Program Eileen Milligan Communications and Outreach Administrator
Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems Peter Brenton Administrative Officer
Center for Transportation and Logistics Arthur Grau Senior Communications Officer
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Sara Cody Communications Officer
Department of Biological Engineering Dan Darling Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Department of Chemical Engineering Melanie M. Kaufman Communications Officer
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Zachary Goodale Communications Officer
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Irene Huang Administrative Officer–Managing requests on an interim basis
Department of Materials Science and Engineering Rachel Kemper Communications Officer
Department of Mechanical Engineering John Freidah Senior Producer/Creative Lead
Department of Mechanical Engineering Mary Beth Gallagher Communications Officer
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering Ilavenil Subbiah Consultant
Computational and Systems Biology Nire Manokharan Administrative Assistant
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Adam Conner-Simons Communications and Media Relations Officer
Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation Shirley Goh Marketing and Communications Manager
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society Scott R. Murray Communications Officer
Institute for Medical Engineering and Science Mindy Blodgett Communications Administrator
Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies Marlisha McDaniels Administrative Assistant
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research Bendta Schroeder Communications Coordinator
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems Jennifer Donovan

Communication and Events Officer

Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity Samantha Young Administrative Assistant
Leaders for Global Operations Program Josh Jacobs Director of Operations and Partnership Integration
Lemelson-MIT Program Stephanie Martinovich External Relations Officer
Materials Research Laboratory Maria Aglietti Senior Communications Officer
Microsystems Technology Laboratories Meghan Melvin Communications Officer
MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub Andrew Dana Logan Communications Assistant
MIT D-Lab Nancy B. Adams Communications Officer
MIT Energy Initiative Emily Dahl Communications Director
MIT.nano Tom Gearty Communications Director
MIT Portugal Program Leah Lovgren Program Manager
MIT Professional Education Kathleen Jarvinen Interim Head of of Marketing and Communications
MIT Sea Grant Lily Keyes Communications Specialist
Office of Digital Learning/MITx Maria Cruz Lopez Associate Director for Marketing and Communications
Office of Engineering Outreach Programs Dora Gonzalez Rodriguez Communications Administrator
Plasma Science and Fusion Center Paul Rivenberg Education and Outreach Coordinator
Program in Polymers and Soft Matter Gregory Sands Administrative Assistant
MIT Quest for Intelligence Kimberly Martineau Communications Officer
Research Laboratory of Electronics Sampson Wilcox Senior Web and Media Designer
Sandbox Innovation Fund Program Vacant  
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology Linda Zahka-Stockdale Financial Assistant
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Franny Zhang Communications and Administrative Assistant
Supply Chain Management Program Bonnie Borthwick SCM/SCALE Communications and Marketing Officer
Systems Design and Management Naomi Gutierrez Communications and Alumni Administrator
Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program Jessica Jones Office Manager and Communications Officer
Women’s Technology Program Cynthia Skier WTP Director; WTP-EECS Track Coordinator; Coordinator of Industrial and Alumni Relations
School of Engineering, Dean’s Office Lori LoTurco Director of Communications
School of Engineering, Dean’s Office Lillie Paquette Multimedia Producer
School of Engineering, Dean’s Office Karl Stuebe Administrative Assistant
School of Engineering, Dean’s Office Vacant Communications Officer