Staff Awards

Infinite Mile Awards

In 2001, the Institute launched a program to encourage broad-based recognition for MIT employees. The program is meant to provide opportunities to recognize and reward members of MIT’s administrative staff, support staff, service staff, sponsored research staff, and, when appropriate, faculty and academic staff. It is also meant to supplement, rather then replace, existing reward mechanisms, and is separate and distinct from base pay. The leadership of the School of Engineering believes it is very important to recognize meritorious achievements by our staff, both as individuals and as teams, and we do this every year with our own School of Engineering Infinite Mile Awards.

Ellen J. Mandigo Award for Outstanding Service

Established in 2009 and made possible by a bequest from Ellen Mandigo, a member of the MIT community from 1942 until her retirement in 1991, the Ellen J. Mandigo Award for Outstanding Service is given to a member of the School of Engineering staff who has demonstrated, over an extended period of time, the qualities Ms. Mandigo valued and possessed in great abundance: intelligence, skill, hard work, and dedication to MIT. The award includes a cash prize and is given out at the School’s annual Infinite Mile Awards ceremony.

The MIT Excellence Awards

These Institute-wide awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts made by members of our community toward fulfilling the goals, values, and mission of MIT. This is among the highest honors awarded to staff by MIT. Professionalism, commitment to best practices, and high standards of excellence are at the heart of these awards.

DLC-Based Appreciation Awards

The Appreciation Awards (aka “on-the-spot” or “spot” awards) are delivered at the time of achievement and are implemented at the DLC level to provide the opportunity for local units to give non-financial awards on an immediate basis (rather than based on published criteria) either to individuals or teams. These non-financial awards may take many forms, including award dinners, luncheons, celebrations, plaques and trophies, gifts and gift certificates, none of which should exceed a purchase price of $100. DLCs will need to use their own funds for purchasing these non-financial awards, but can be reimbursed from their budget allocation through the Dean’s office in the School of Engineering. Budget allocations are equivalent to $65 per eligible staff member. This eligible population includes all non-academic staff and is based on the FASIS October count. If you have any questions about your allocation or other related issues, please contact Eileen Ng.