Infinite Mile Awards


The Infinite Mile Awards (IMA) support the Institute’s objectives for excellence. Launched in 2001, the awards recognize and reward members of the MIT School of Engineering’s administrative, support, sponsored research, and, when appropriate, academic staff.

The IMAs supplement, rather than replace, other existing reward mechanisms at the Institute, and they are separate and distinct from base pay. The awards are presented in three categories at an annual ceremony each spring. The categories and criteria are:

  • Excellence: Successful nominees are individuals or teams (generally no more than five people) whose work is of the highest quality. The nominees stand out because of the high level of commitment, enormous energy, and enthusiasm they bring to their work.
  • Diversity and Community: Successful nominees promote diversity and harmony in the workplace by taking positive steps toward promoting cross-cultural sensitivity and a sense of community. They create or help create a welcoming and supportive environment in which all are encouraged to excel.
  • Institutional Cooperation: Successful nominees welcome and make the most of opportunities to collaborate across units. They contribute to cross-functional efforts, embrace the needs and values of the Institute, and are generous with their time and knowledge.

Nomination Process

Members of the community are invited to submit nominations to the head of the unit in which the prospective nominee is appointed. Unit heads will decide which nominees to submit to the Dean’s Office for consideration.

The Dean’s Office encourages every unit to nominate at least one person or team. Larger units can nominate up to three people. The Dean’s Office also encourages units that have not previously participated in the IMA program to nominate people.

Individuals who have previously won an IMA are still eligible to receive an award. The nomination should, of course, be based on the individual’s recent contributions. Unit heads should consider nominating past team award winners for individual IMAs. Please find the list of previous IMA recipients here.

Staff members are encouraged to check with the AO in their relevant unit regarding the deadline for community input on the nomination process. REMINDER: Nominations must be submitted to the Dean’s Office by the AO or unit head. Nominations are due to the Dean’s Office by March 11, 2020.

Submit your nomination now by emailing!  Please include “2020 IMA Nomination” in the subject line.

If a staff member wishes to nominate a colleague but is unsure which unit head is responsible for coordinating the nomination, please contact Catherine Kim or Elizabeth Lennox in the Dean’s Office.

Selection Committee

The members of the 2020 Infinite Mile Award selection committee:

Heather Kispert Hagerty, Assistant Dean for Development
Catherine Kim, Assistant Dean for Human Resources and Administration
Elizabeth Lennox, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Mary Ellen Sinkus, Administrative Officer